People want to work for themselves, don’t have to spend so much time on the way to work. And they also want to control their own time. But how can you make dreams come true? It’s not a dream now! You can make it come true by starting your online sex toy business and buying wholesale sex toys from China. This post will explain why and how you can order wholesale adult toys from China!
You might know many companies have made big money by importing products from China in the past 30 years. But you might not believe you can also do it as an individual or a small company.
Yes, bigger companies did this in the past, it’s hard for an individual person or a small company to do that before. But things have changed after E-Commerce and international logistics grow fast. An individual person or a small company can also buy wholesale sex toys from China.
Is it true and is it possible to start to buy China wholesale right now? is one of the leading sex toy manufacturers and wholesalers in China. We’ve been doing the business since 2016. We have customers all over the world, our main aim is to help customers from different countries to order bulk sex toys from China.
By ordering bulk sex toys from China, what can do for you? We can help customers to lower their costs and make more money compared to ordering from their local wholesalers. We have many customers that are growing faster and bigger than a one-person business. We can tell you that it’s true and it’s definitely possible to make more money, and have more free time from your online sex toy business.
But how to start a sex toy business, and what kind of business model is easier to succeed now? There are different ways. For example, open a sex shop, host a sex toy party, sell adult toys online, and so on. As you know, most people, especially young people are living on the Internet. They are working and studying online, communicating online, searching for any information they need online, shopping online, and more. But shopping online is magnificent progress for human beings in Twenty-first Century. As people don’t have to go to a shopping mall, time can be saved by shopping online.
More and more stores have built their own website, so customers can visit their websites and place their orders online. After the analysis, we can have a conclusion. Setup an online sex shop and sell adult toys online, or selling sex toys from Facebook, Instagram, eBay or Amazon, and other different E-Commerce platforms are the best ways to start your sex toy business.
According to our experience wholesale adult toys from China, we would like to share the 6 reasons why you can make money by selling sex toys online:

  1. Global E-Commerce makes buying wholesale Sex toys from China easier
    Global E-Commerce has been growing in recent years. It’s not difficult for you to set up a website now, and there are many methods for you to set up your online sex toy business, such as building your own websites and selling sex toys on Amazon or eBay. You can also market your products on FaceBook or Instagram, and so on.
    In the meantime, there are some good third-party service providers who can help you build your nice website very easily, such as a Canadian company named
    If you use the service from, you can make some content to market your website or products online. Such as writing some articles to teach end-users how to use adult toys or share your experience, you can use to set up your blog or website. You can publish your products and content on your website, it will be a good way to market your business because Google likes good content. You will see your business grow very fast!
  1. Your local wholesalers or distributors have too much cost and higher prices
    You might know that most adult toys and adult novelties are made in China. Your local adult toy brands or manufacturers actually also make or just buy their adult toys in China. Compare with China sex toy wholesalers, many products from your local wholesalers or local sex toy companies are made in the same factories or even exactly the same. But the wholesale prices from China adult toy wholesalers are much cheaper because they can buy wholesale adult toys directly from China. But your local sex toy distributors or sex toy brand companies have to do the below steps and each step has a cost. All these costs will be added to the local wholesale prices which you will pay for:
    >>> Manufacturing cost
    >>> Agent (Middlemen) cost
    >>> Brand packaging cost
    >>> Advertisement cost for the brands
    >>> Expo or Tradeshow fees
    >>> Shipping cost
    >>> Duty tax
    >>> Local shipping costs in your country
    >>> Local sex toy distributor costs ( Warehouse and labor cost )
    >>> Local sex toy distributor profit
    >>> Local tax
    >>> Maybe more…
    But if you buy wholesale sex toys from China, you will save a lot of costs. For example, if you order from, the packaging is different as we can’t use the packaging from other brands, but the products may be exactly the same or made in the same factories. But we don’t have so much cost as your local sex toy wholesalers, which we explained in detail above. So wholesaler prices from a China sex toy wholesaler will be much cheaper.
    You can also make your own packaging or print your own logos or brands on the packaging. Even after the shipping cost and importing duty tax, the costs will be at least less than half of the cost from your local sex toy distributors. So you can sell your products at competitive prices to your customers, make more profit or make more sales!
    So E-Commerce has shortened the chain between manufacturers and end-users. Actually, for your business, E-Commerce removes the middlemen for you and will save a significant cost for you. Also, that actually will be the profit for you or help you make your retailing price competitively and make your customers happy!
  1. The sex toy business is growing rapidly and will be better in the future
    The sex toy business is growing rapidly every year. According to the data from, the sex toy industry is predicted to grow by $9.9 billion between 2019 and 2023 globally. And also according to the global sex toy market report 2019-2023, the sex toy market will be growing 7% every year, and 48% of growth will come from Asia. Currently, US people spend over $15 billion every year on buying sex toys. Many of them have privacy concerns which cause them to prefer shopping online for sex toys, instead of going to local stores.
  1. Selling sex toys online is the solution for customer privacy
    Most people don’t want anyone to know they are buying sex toys, even don’t want to talk to a sales assistant in the sex shop. That’s a pain in the past, but selling sex toys online is the solution for this pain. Adult toys are suitable to sell online because they can be shipped in plain brown envelopes or plain brown boxes to your customer’s address which is an industry standard in the sex toy business. There will be s no embarrassment like going into a store and having to speak to a sales assistant.
    So for sex toy users, they are more willing to buy online, this makes selling sex toys online a good way and it’s also the right time to start an online sex toy business or open a sex shop. Not only because it’s easy to set up a website now or you can sell adult toys on Amazon or eBay easily which can have huge traffic for you, but also there are many online payment methods nowadays, they are secure and accepted by most of the online users.
  1. Selling online has more profit
    Adult toys are very special products. People are shy to talk and buy in the shops, but many people still need to buy adult toys and novelties. Sometimes they are eager to have or try the toys, even don’t care about the prices, this can help the shop owners make more money than selling other products. This also makes the retailing prices of adult novelties very high in a sex shop on the street. Then, even if you sell adult products cheaper online, you can still have a very good profit. Moreover, the demand for adult toys is very big and keeps growing according to the sales data or reports on or
    Some people might say that current prices on Amazon are very low, but these are the prices you compare with the products in shopping malls in your local market. You might not know the cost to import these similar products from China as an Amazon seller is only 1/5 – 1/10 of the prices they are selling on They can have such low costs by ordering from China directly. Especially if they wholesale adult toys from China, they can sell higher prices on Amazon.
    Sounds good? You might also say some people have been ordering different products from China for a long time. We need to say that it’s true, but there are still chances to start or expand your business by ordering from China directly. You need to plan your business and your product line and target a niche market, such as the sex toy business, if you can do so, it’s never late. And there are many chances to start your own business or make your business more successful.
    The adult toy market is a niche market that you can start from, and we already have quite a lot of customers who are making good money from their own sex toy business. Some of them are doing this business part-time, making more extra money. Some of them are housewives or stay-at-home moms, they are taking care of their families, and making money in the meantime. Some of them used to have a full-time job, but they quit and focus on their own business, as they found they can make good money, and have more free time in their lives.
    In the near future, we will share more real stories of our customers who are really successful in their business and making money from home by selling sex toys online. Also, we will share their experience about how to wholesale adult toys from China and tips on how to choose sex toy suppliers from China.
  1. People are buying sex toys from their mobile phone
    As we mentioned above, E-Commerce is growing fast. More and more people are using their mobile phones to read news, communicate, shop online, and even work on mobile phones. People are more willing to buy sex toys on their mobile phones because nobody else will know they visit a sex toy website to buy something. Mobile phone is personal and can protect privacy better.
    So if you can make your website mobile-friendly, more customers will prefer to use your website to buy sex toys. If you are selling adult products on eBay or Amazon, please don’t worry, these E-Commerce platforms have made their website mobile-friendly very well. And they even have their own APPs, so customers can download to their mobile phone and visit it easily, instead of opening a browser every time.

The sex toy business is growing and it’s a trend to move more market share to online business. This makes the business easier, so please don’t wait!
Take this chance to start your own business or just make extra money.
If you need any information about buying wholesale sex toys from China or how to start a sex toy business, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you. We hope this article can help you, and we will be appreciated it if you can link to this post or share our post, thank you!

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