When you have a plan to start a sex toy business, such as opening an online sex shop or selling sex toys on Amazon. You need to find a good sex toy supplier from China.

Below we list some main sex toy suppliers from China:
1. www.Alibaba.com. One of the famous China B2B online platforms, that helps buyers to find quality Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Wholesalers in China. Buyers or importers can find suppliers in any industry you need. But the database is too big, buyers have to spend quite a lot of time doing research and deciding which suppliers to work with.
2. www.dhgate.com. Similar to Alibaba, wide range of different industries. International buyers can search the suppliers and place orders on this website. But the disadvantage is the wholesale price is not low enough.
3. www.kangvo.com. One of the leading sex toy suppliers in China. The company has been doing the manufacturing and wholesale sex toys business since 2016. Only focus on adult toys, so they can offer the cheapest price for sex toys. Customers can place and pay their orders online through the efficient website system. Fast delivery ( 1-3 days after customers place orders) and great after-sale service. Also, provide sex toy starter kits for new business starters.

To make your business successful, you will have to think about 2 main factors of your business: Quality and Price.
In the beginning, a cheaper price will make your business easier to live with! But product quality can not be too poor; otherwise, you won’t have repeat customers.
If you don’t have enough repeat customers, you will not have a successful business.
In order to resell your products cheaper, you need to buy wholesale sex toys from China no doubt.
In the future, when your business is stable, then you will have to make your quality better and better. Also, you will need to make your own brands to add value to your products!
You might ask that you have never gone to China before, how can you start? Please don’t worry, most people never go to China and even never go aboard. But this is not a problem to prevent you from ordering from China directly.
In the 21st Century, everything is going online. International business has been much easier after E-Business and international logistics grew, especially after Amazon started the FBA service.

What are your main steps to finding a reliable sex toy supplier from China?
Search sex toy wholesalers information from China on Google
Search China sex toy supplier’s company information on google.
Find reviews on review websites. If the supplier has good service other people normally have reviews on the review websites.
Find scammer information on Scamadviser.com, make sure it’s not a scammer.
Contact the supplier to see if they have a fast response of service.
If the sex toy supplier has a website, check the registration date of the domain. You can roughly estimate how long this supplier has been running this business. The longer, the better, the more reliable!
A good sex toy supplier should let you order small orders, even 1 piece for certain items.
As for some new products, you are not sure which items will be selling well. You don’t want to order a big quantity of sex toys and then be stuck with the stock in your warehouse.
Small minimum order also protects your investment.
Choose appropriate products for your new business
Normally you need time to know what your customers like. But if your sex toy suppliers have been in the sex toy industry for more than 10 years, they will have a very good database and they know what you can sell well.

Choose the right method to ship your products
There are a few ways to ship products to you. They mainly differ in the freight cost and delivery time:

  1. Air express shipping to your address (warehouse facility) or FBA under your Amazon account.
    Your sex toy wholesaler will ship your order to your address by air express shipping. This is the fastest way.
    Main air express shipping companies worldwide: UPS, DHL, FedEx, TNT, EMS
    Normally it takes only 3-6 days to be delivered to your address after shipping out your order. But the cost is the highest compared with other shipping methods we will talk about.
    Air express shipping cost is based on the shipping weight or chargeable weight that is calculated by the total box dimensions (Volume).
    The air express shipping method is suitable for small package shipping if you need your products urgently. The delivery time is normally 3-6 days if products are shipped from China’s mainland.
    Meanwhile, besides the speed of delivery, one of the reasons to choose air express is the package can be tracked.
    A good sex toy supplier from China like www.kangvo.com should send the tracking number to you ASAP after they ship out your order. Then you can know if your package is loaded on the flight or if your package has arrived in your country. Even you can see the estimated delivery time from the online tracking information.
    Last but not least, air express is the door-to-door service. You don’t have to do Customs clearance by yourself like sea shipping.
    Shipping companies like UPS will handle and submit the documents to the destination country’s Customs. You only need to wait for the UPS driver to deliver the package to your door. But if you have to pay the importing duty tax, UPS will also contact and send the bill to you.
    Advantage: Fast, safe and can be tracked.
    Disadvantage: Expensive
  2. Normal air shipping to the airport or to your door
    The cost of this shipping method will be cheaper than air express. But in this way, your order can only be shipped to the airport; you have to go to your airport to pick up your goods. Also, you will have to handle the Customs Clearance by yourself or hire a broker to handle it for you.
    Actually, in recent several years, air shipping companies can also ship your goods to your door from China. There will be 2 parts of shipping:
    Part 1: Normal air shipping from your supplier to your airport.
    Part 2: Ship your goods to your door by truck or express.
    But according to our experience, in most countries, the shipping cost is almost the same as the air expressway like UPS, but the delivery time is longer, so we don’t recommend this way.
    Advantage: Fast, safe, and economical.
    Disadvantage: Can not be tracked if ship your goods to your door by truck in part 2.
  3. Sea shipping to your seaport or to your door.
    This is the most economical way to ship bigger size orders. The cost is much cheaper than air shipping. Shipping cost is based on cube meters of the total package if you book a full container load, instead of the package weight. Also, you can book a less than container load, but the shipping cost is based on package weight.
    The lead time of sea shipping is much longer than air shipping, normally 25-35 days depending on the seaports and countries.
    But it’s worth it if your order is big, sea shipping will save a big shipping cost for you. The same as normal air shipping to the airport, if you choose to ship to a seaport, you will have to go to your seaport to pick up your goods. And you will also have to do Customs clearance by yourself or hire a broker to handle the Customs Clearance and local shipping.
    Meanwhile, the same as we mentioned in normal air shipping to the door, the sea shipping companies from China can also arrange to ship your goods to your door after unloading the goods at the seaport.
    There will be 2 parts of shipping:
    Part 1: Sea shipping to your seaport.
    Part 2: Ship your goods to your door by truck or express.
    Doing this way, will save your time and work to arrange the shipping from the seaport to your door. And normally your sex toy suppliers in China can quote the correct total cost both the sea shipping part and the truck/express part before you place your orders.
    If the service is to your seaport, after the boat departures, your supplier should send you a copy of the bill of loading of this shipment, also with the commercial invoice and packing list.
    Then you can clear and pick up your goods with these documents at your seaport after the flight arrives at your seaport.
    If their service is to your door, your supplier will send you both bill of loading the sea shipping shipment and the delivery tracking number (or truck information). You won’t have to go to your seaport, that’s the best part of this to door service.
    Advantage: The most economical, save big shipping cost
    Disadvantage: Shipping time is long

Know more about importing products to your country
Study some knowledge about how to import goods from China to your country.
Policy and tariff of your duty tax, you might also want to know more about duty tax refund when your business is getting bigger in the near future.
But please don’t worry, it’s very easy, there are many companies and person have been importing from China to your country for many years.
What you need to confirm are 2 things:
If the sex toy business is legal in your country and location.
What’s the importing duty tax rate when you import sex toys from China
Normally in the USA, sex toy is described as Adult Novelties to import.
You might need HS Code to import when you use sea shipping, it’s 9019101000.
In some countries, importing products as a company will be much easier than an individual person. For example, Italy and Spain, as the Customs in these countries are very strict. So please make sure you use a company to import sex toys from China if you are in Italy or Spain.

Ask your adult toy suppliers to provide high-quality product photos.
Since you are selling sex toys online, customers can only see the products from the photos online. Products photos are very important for your customers to make the purchase decision.
A good sex toy supplier or wholesaler is serious about the work for product photos. They hire professionals to take product photos and provide these high-quality product photos to their customers.
Please notice that there are some traditional standards for product photos on some E-Commerce websites or platforms.
For example, Amazon requires all product photos can only have white color as the background. You have to keep it in mind, and normally a professional sex toy supplier will know what they need, such as www.kangvo.com.
Then you can upload product photos on your website or Amazon to show the products to your customers.

Make sure your sex toy supplier has good after-sale service.
Solve the product problem and replace your defective products.
Answer your email within 24 hours.
They have a strong ability to solve the delivery issues. Such as a package lost or delivered to the wrong address. Trust me, shipping companies make this kind of mistake sometimes.
It will be better if you can meet the person who is in charge of your account face to face. Such as meeting them at the expo, or visiting the supplier someday in China when your business is getting bigger.

Sex Toy Private Labeling service for your own brand
When your business is growing, it’s important that your adult toy suppliers can provide sex toy private labeling service to you.
If you can have your own private labeling and your own brand on your products, you will have more loyal customers. And also you can have more profit by selling private label products.
It will be better if you can ask if your suppliers have the ability to handle special requirements for you. Such as printing your logo on the packaging or providing a private labeling service for you. Choose the suppliers who can provide better and more service, not just cheap product prices.
There are many sex toy suppliers in China now, some are reliable, but some are not. So please search for more information before you decide to place your first order. We’ve been doing the manufacturing and wholesale sex toy business since 2016, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help. If you think this article helps you, please share it, thank you!

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