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After the shipment, we will send you the tracking information to you by email, and we will keep sending you the tracking status until you receive the package, so you can know where your package is. You can know where is your shipment by reading our emails, so you can get ready or arrange a time to receive your package.

Yes, it’s one of our services to provide high-quality product photos of your order by email, please inform us after the order or leave a message in the order, then our customer service people will send photos to you by email according to your order.

We have 2 ways to place the order to us

  1. Become our member – Login to our website – Make orders – Payment – Packages delivery
  2. Ask Excel or PDF catalog from our salesperson, place an order by making an excel order list to us with item number and order quantity. Our salesperson will contact you and confirm all order details with you.

The way to judge if buying wholesale products from us is worthy or not is as below:
Products cost+average shipping cost for that item+importing tax(if have)=Total cost of one item order from us
If the total cost of one item order from us x2=<your local retailing cost, you will make a profit(50% or less profit you can make your retailing price low than normal retailers to have more benefits), and then you will know order from your local wholesaler or from us will be better for you.
Because in the USA market completion is high, normally the retailing price for sex toys is also not so high, so 50% gross profit and cheaper retailing prices will be good enough. We have 40% customers from Australia and Europe, they normally make their retailing price =3-5* cost from us, and they still have a good retailing price in France, Norway, Sweden, they even have higher retailing price. But the difference is the USA market has a huge demand for products so the price is cheaper in the USA.


  • Paypal
  • Credit Card/Debit Card via Paypal
  • Bank Wire Transfer (T/T)
  • Western Union
  • Local Bank Transfer (Such as ACH, Fedwire, SEPA, EFT, CHATS, etc.)
  • Express shipping (such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc.)
  • Air shipping
  • Air shipping + express delivery
  • Sea shipping
  • Sea shipping + express delivery
  • Railway transportation

Shipping costs depend on total product weight, shipping area, and shipping method.
We will choose the best shipping method according to your needs.
Of course, you can also choose your own logistics company to transport the goods

other questions

  • Competitive Pricing:90% of sex toys are made in China, we are a manufacturer and we can also buy items that we do not have from other factories directly, guaranteeing the cheap price to make sure you have a good margin.
  • Mixed orders and 1 piece items in orders are accepted, and high-quality product photos are provided.
  • Fast delivery: Production(if needed) & Handling & Packing (3-5 Days) + Air Express Shipping (3-5 Days, Door to Door), so you will have your package in front of your door in 6-10 days.
  • Competitive Shipping: many shipping methods can be chosen, cheap and fast.
  • Superior Customer Service: Online customer service always helps you during the working time, emails and messages will be replied to in 0-12 hours.
  • Send online tracking information to you by email after the shipment.
  • New products are added weekly.
  • Weekly specials to help you increase your profit margins.
  • Great return policy to protect your advantage and cover your loss.
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